Siljan : Post-Prog, Math-Rock and Metal

Siljan’s music is a fusion of Post-Prog, Math Rock and Metal. On stage, four musicians : Jules Pelletier (Drums), Jules Bouisson (Bass), Johanna Renaud (Cello) and Guillaume Arnaud (Guitar/Vocals).
Behind the musicians, a screen for videos synchronised with the music.
The Collapse Project contains ten songs for 58 minutes of movie with live performance. It deals with the event of a global collapse of our industrialised societies on decades to come, and the emotional impact that it can create on people that can foreseen this eventuality.

The Collapse Project : Synopsis

The earth-system, our only planet, has finite ressources and hosts our modern society. With a globalised based economy, our model is dependant on financial systems, and strongly dependent on fossil ressources in all the aspects of our daily life : food supply, clothes and consumer goods, health, transports, entertainment and new tech brightening everyday life up.
But consumption of fossil and mineral ressources has an end, while we have based our ideal of society on growth. In parallel, we assist to massive extinction on biodiversity, the future result of global warming become unpredictable and unavoidable, against a backdrop of growing inequalities, population movements, conflicts and famines. From then on, the eventuality of a lasting and non-reversible global collapse become possible.

Against this dark picture, we still have the possibility to think the world by the mean of art and imagination. It becomes possible to share our fears, doubts, anger, sadness, resignation, fights and hopes with people who care, to give credit and meaning to the collective as a creative force to go forward and face the problems to come, while we change of paradigm.


Guillaume Arnaud
Guitars & Vocals

Jules Pelletier

Jules Bouisson
Bass Guitar

Johanna Renaud

"Don’t say we could do nothing
Away my world is crumbling"

  • Gigs : Dates to remember

    • Thursday 15th june 2017 :
      Gig at the Cherrydon (La Penne sur Huveaune, France)
      with AITRS
    • Saturday 21th january 2017 - 20:00 :
      Gig at l'Electrode (Miramas, France)
      with Exxistence and MainArt
      Entry 6/4 €
    Gig Siljan at l'Electrode Miramas France, Exxistence MainArt
  • Previous dates

    • Friday 30th septembre 2016 - 21:00 :
      Gig at Le Poste à Galène (Marseille, France)
      Entry 4 € + membership 1 €
    • Saturday 16th april 2016 - 20:30 :
      Gig at Le Jas'Rod (Les Pennes Mirabeau) Free entrance
    Siljan gig at the Poste à Galène Marseille France, Turtle and Toads, and Spirit Bomb Siljan gig at Le Jas'Rod, Sirius Void and Rodeo Punch


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Marseille | Aubagne (France)


+33(0)6 18 57 83 60